Bringing positive economic & social benefits to the city


Energy Works will harness sustainable waste sources to generate renewable energy that will be used to power UK homes and businesses.

The facility has been designed to be CHP ready so that future heat demand in the area can be satisfied with a green energy solution.

Feedstock used to power the gasifier, will be pre-processed with recyclable materials recovered before it arrives at the plant for gasification. The plant process will divert 240,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill sites.

The development has brought about the regeneration of a brownfield site in the heart of an industrial area of Hull. During the construction works, over 450 indirect jobs were created during the peak activities. To date, 32 direct permanent jobs have been created, with more expected over the lifetime of the plant.

An independent consultancy report has estimated carbon savings of around 30,000 tonnes per annum over conventional energy generation and a 71% reduction in traffic after switching the sites away from their previous uses.

The development will support University of Hull students with practical research opportunities and pay an estimated £1,250,000 of business rates per year.