About the Project

Energy Works will be the first facility of its kind in the UK, using a combination of innovative renewable energy technologies to achieve a highly efficient mix of recycling and energy conversion processes. The project has been awarded a grant of almost £20 million from the European Regional Development Fund, in recognition of the role it can play in encouraging further innovation in this field.

The facility will produce sufficient electricity to power 43,000 homes; created over 450 jobs during construction and over 30 jobs during the operational phase; regenerate a brownfield site; enable other businesses to reduce their carbon footprint; and provide cheap power and heating to local companies.

A key component of the scheme is a partnership with the University of Hull to provide two positions to the university for postgraduate study of renewable energy. An educational resource centre will also offer local SMEs and members of the public opportunities to learn about the importance of striving towards sustainable and renewable means of electricity generation.

The plant is designed to have a single fluidised bed gasifier feeding a boiler and steam turbine generator with feedstock storage and associated plant all located on site. The front end receipt, storage and thermal treatment plant have all been designed to accept multiple solid fuels and blend them prior to processing. A generous operating window has been designed such that the plant can process wide variations in fuel energy, moisture and ash content.

October 2010

Site secured

Derelict land in the Stoneferry area
June 2011

Public consultation

Engagement with the local community
October 2011

Planning approval

Zero local resident objections
March 2013

Grant awarded

£19.9m ERDF grant approved by Brussels
September 2013

Grid connection

Agreement signed, design commenced
September 2014

Variation Order

Section 73 approved
February 2015

Subsidiary awarded

CFD bid success
August 2015

Site Investigation

Ground works concluded
November 2015

Financial close

Funding agreements signed
January 2016

Construction start

Main work begins on site

Dry commissioning

First export to grid

Commercial operation

Plant fully operational